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Changing the Assessment Placement

Changing the Assessment Placement How can I change the placement of my child for Reading or Math?

There are two options:

We can reset the assessment so they can retake it and be properly placed


We can adjust their lesson to start at a different grade level

For option 1, We will need to know the date you want them to retake the assessment and also the subject (Reading, Math, or both).

For option 2, We will need to know the starting lesson for each sub-skill as follows:


  1. Phonics
  2. Phonemic Awareness 
  3. Sight Words 
  4. Reading Comprehension 
  5. Vocabulary


  1. Number & Operation, Algebra, and Data Analysis 
  2. Geometry 
  3. Measurement

There is a list of lessons in your account in the Guides Page to help you indicate what lesson your child should start at each sub-skill.

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