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Lessons are still Repeating

The Lesson keeps repeating even though my child scored more than 70%. What can I do?

When a Lesson repeats even though your child scored higher than 70% on the quiz, it is possible that your computer does not have all the requirements to use our Smart Tutor Program. Often times, computers update without notice and the new settings could be causing issues with the Smart Tutor program.
Check the following in your computer to ensure it has the latest plugins to play the lessons properly:

  • Computer may need latest version of Flash. To download the latest version of Flash, click this link http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/
  • The session time out due to slow internet and didn’t send the score to our server. A speed test can be done at this link http://myspeed.visualware.com/
  • The browser is not set to refresh flash content. Internet Explorer 7: Please ensure that browser settings for all computers are set to “automatically check for newer versions” of stored pages. (Go to Tools>Internet Options>Browsing History>Settings).    Internet Explorer 6: (Go to Tools>Internet Options>Temporary Internet Files>Settings)
  • Java updates or Microsoft updates may be needed
  • Antivirus, Security Software, or Firewall can be blocking the websites and/or Flash content
  • Check the system requirements’ page for more information

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