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iPad and Mobile Devices

Does SmartTutor work in iPad/Tablets?

SmartTutor works on your Mobile devices!   You can use SmartTutor.com on the following Mobile Devices using the Browsers mentioned below:

Nook – You don’t need to install any other browser!  Just use Nook’s default Internet browser

Android  - v.3.2 and older – Ditto!!! You don’t need to install any other browser! Just use Android’s default Internet browser. For newer tablets, Puffin and Photon are also available from the Play Store. Any browser that allows Flash should work with SmartTutor.

iPad – If you are using an iPad, you will need to download one of these browsers from iTunes:

Our Rating

2 stars
– Less Expensive, but requires extra step.  Photon requires users to click on an “enable Flash” button every time you want to use SmartTutor.  This is okay with older kids, but not good for 4-7 year olds.
- To Click ‘n Drag, you have to Tap ‘n Tap instead.  Easy to do and understand for almost all students of all ages.
1 start
– Least Expensive
- Contains ads, which can interfere with the sound (delays it) and ads may be inappropriate for younger children.
- Instructions on how to use the flash are given during the first use,  but could be hard to follow for younger children.
- To Click ‘n Drag, tap the Trackpad and use two fingers to drag.  Trackpad may be preferred by older children but potentially difficult to use by younger children.
- Not as user-friendly for first time users
- Recommended for older children (10+) only

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